Monday, October 24, 2016

New release: Machinery 1.22
for SUSE Linux Enterprise

We have now released the long-awaited version 1.22 for SUSE Linux Enterprise, but of course it is available for openSUSE and other distributions as well. Since our previous Machinery for SUSE Linux Enterprise release (1.18) there are quite some changes and new features introduced.

What's New?

Improved HTML Navigation

You'll experience an improved graphical user interface, where show and compare views are connected. With this you can navigate between viewing different descriptions as well as comparing them, so working with multiple system descriptions is much faster and offers greater usability.

Select descriptions and comparison of two different descriptions directly in your browser.

HTML Export (standalone)

This release introduces the "export-html" command, which will enable you to export a system description to a standalone directory with an index.html.

View of an exported description (standalone HTML) showing a file "diff"

The new export allows viewing system descriptions in a browser, without running the machinery server. This way the HTML version of the description can easily be copied around for archiving or for integration with other tools.

ARM Architecture support

We added support for ARM architecture so if you were keen on trying out Machinery to inspect your Raspberry Pi by all means please do.

For consistency and to better distinguish Machinery options:
  • The "config-files" inspector was renamed to "changed-config-files"
  • The "--exclude-scope" option is now called "--ignore-scope"

Other notable changes

It's also worth mentioning that from now on, machinery will show how many of your unmanaged files are sub-directories when you inspect a system with the `--extract-files` or `--extract-metadata` options.
Beside that there are fixes on the autoyast and kiwi export features, as well as fixes for inspecting other Linux systems.
This release of Machinery is at Format Version 10.
For a full list of changes see the NEWS file.


Machinery for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 is part of the "Advanced Systems Management Module". See the documentation on how to add Modules to SUSE Linux Enterprise 12.
For openSUSE download Machinery 1.22 from the Machinery home page via one-click install, or update to the latest version by running zypper in machinery. We love to hear feedback, so tell us what you think on our mailing list or on GitHub.