Monday, July 18, 2016


We have created this blog to keep you up to date about news regarding Machinery!

So what is Machinery about?
Machinery is a command line application for creating descriptions of Linux systems and working with them.
You can use it to get insight into existing systems, to store and track their state, or to create new systems based on existing ones.
Machinery provides powerful views of individual and comparisons between systems.
It can also export descriptions to other tools for installation, migration, image building, containerization, or cloud deployment, and provides defined interfaces to work with system descriptions from your custom tools.

Originally, the project was initiated by SUSE inspired by the idea of a universal system description. A system description describes the content of a system. It can be stored, compared to other descriptions, analyzed, modified, or used to replicate a system from a description. You can call it "offline systems management".
A detailed explanation, including a fancy video, can be found at our homepage.

Machinery is an open source project, the source code and development is managed on Github, which means you are welcome to participate at any time!